"Nomasei, the affordable shoe label from two Chloé alumni stands out"


"For it's first collection, sustainable-footwear newbie Nomasei has worked with a family-run factory in Tuscany to build the ultimate shoe wardrobe."


"We were tired and burned out. To keep doing this work, we decided to become more connected to our beliefs and the life we wanted."


"When customers come to the showroom, they let go of information without realizing it. Hallux valgus comes up a lot in the problems, as well as the question of a wide or thin foot, very difficult to put on. So for this summer, we have developed two new models, all of the straps of which are adjustable."


"For Paule Tenaillon & Marine Braquet, the founders of the parisian shoe brand Nomasei, this question of timelessness has been top of mind long before a global pandemic forced the industry to face its flawed system."

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the zoe report

"Very seldom do you come accross designers who truly care about the lifecycle of their collections quite like Paule Tenaillon & Marine Braquet. But with the pair's refined skillset and tenured luxury background, it makes total sense that the launch of their new conscious shoe brand Nomasei isn't so much of a pet project as it is a thoughtful venture to design quality footwear that's both long-lasting and attainably priced".