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One of Nomasei's first models that we no longer present is reissued in a limited edition!

A new collaboration with a renowned stylist: Julia Von Boehm

About Julia von Boehm

A recognized personality in the fashion industry for twenty years, she began her career by assisting Carine Roitflied at Vogue Paris. She then contributed to numerous publications, working more recently as fashion director of InStyle magazine.

Today, she is also recognized for being a celebrity stylist such as Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Nina Hoss…Known for her understated vision of luxury fashion and her passion for incorporating classic “masculine” elements into wardrobe. dress of a woman, this collaboration embodies both aspects perfectly.

What could be better than co-creating new versions of a classic loafer, already recognized and well made at Nomasei?


An upcycling collection

The collection is made up of multicolored leather moccasins. "It's a sophisticated color palette" of the NONO and TRENCH Nomasei moccasin versions.

With Julia we also designed two “red carpet” versions of the moccasins using lead-free Bohemia crystal rhinestones placed by hand on the shoes.

Due to the type of production chosen (from discontinued stock) quantities are limited. Each model was produced in small quantities, barely 40 pairs for certain colors of moccasins.

News alert❗

Did you ask us for them? they finally arrive...

Our first socks are part of this collaboration!!!

After sketches, questions/answers and factory visits, it is thanks to this collaboration that our socks will see the light of day!

“I consider myself a perfectionist who is obsessed with menswear and have always included a classic, slim sock in my wardrobe, so I definitely wanted to add that detail in the collaboration with Nomasei,” von Boehm said. .

Julia Von Boehm