A word from Paul

ADORA STRASS is the quintessence of the Disco era: strass and glam!

ADORA is THE evening sandal already adopted by thousands of women around the world. This is our best selling. Covered in crystal strass, it becomes a shimmering disco rain making each of us a Diana Ross of the 2020s.

I created ADORA STRASS to make us all dancefloor queens, Disco goddesses… Enough to make the disco ball blush!

ADORA STRASS is there to remind us that partying and dancing are allowed and even recommended for a better life. Deep down, this sandal is inspired by the “party girl” that lives in ALL of us.

The advantage of this model, as usual at Nomasei, is that they are also very cool worn with jeans. They can be played ultra glamorous, edgy chic or casual casual, it all depends on your outfit and your mood.

ADORA strass worn with jeans...

Or with a dress...