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The Nomasei woman is a woman on the move.

For this Nomasei summer, I'd like to take you to Rio de Janeiro. I was longing for this rich and inspiring city, for its ocean, its wide beaches entering the city, the wind, the waves, people in bathing suits crossing the street, a surfboard under their arm, their hearts and minds carefree. I wanted to rediscover Rio's sunny, sensual and sporty atmosphere: sun, sand, bright colors, toned bodies, wet and salty hair...

Rio is on the other side of the world... so I replaced Brazil with Spain and we headed for Tarifa, as far away from Europe as possible, to enjoy the last rays of sunshine before winter and to find the ocean entering the town with its sporting atmosphere. The Andalusian coastline blended with my desire for the ocean...

I hope you enjoy these images. We photographed Alexandra in the narrow streets of the Andalusian town, at the fish market, on the small harbor beach, on the large kyte surfing beach and in the surrounding area, as we found her along the way.


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