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Repair my shoes

Your shoes are damaged ?

We give you the opportunity to restore and revitalize your shoes with the expert skills of our Galoche & Patin shoemaker.Whether it's worn soles, damaged heels or failing seams, professionals are on hand for quality repairs that extend the life of your favorite shoes.

Entrust your shoes to us and regain the comfort and elegance they provide, while contributing to a more sustainable solution by opting for repair rather than replacement.



Our shoes are more than just fashion accessories. They carry a commitment to the planet! Each pair becomes an emblem of sustainable and responsible fashion...

Introducing 🥁 the Repairability Index with Galoche & Patin


When we created Nomasei, we wanted to create timeless, long-lasting shoes, shoes that you could keep and repair without ever throwing them away. We wanted to recapture the timelessness of last century's products, shoes that would last for years. Our shoes are made from high-quality, durable materials, but they're still a product that wears out because we walk in them!

In Galoche & Patin we've found the ideal partner for repairing our creations, and we launched our after-sales service with them several months ago. With this reparability index, we hope to inform and encourage our customers to have their shoes repaired to avoid them being thrown away unnecessarily"

- Marine & Paule


"French brand Nomasei is the first to use and display this reparability index on its shoes."

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It's so simple! Inspired by the index applied to household appliances, this indicator enables consumers to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 the ease with which a shoe can be repaired.

This initiative is a response to the problem of over-consumption of shoes, with 300 million pairs thrown away every year in France.

Galoche & Patin, committed to digital shoemaking since 2020, has developed an index based on 12 criteria.


The availability of spare parts, the tools required, the simplicity of repairs and access to detailed instructions.A high rating means that the product has been designed to extend its life, thereby reducing its ecological footprint !

NOMASEI becomes the first brand (and we're VERY Proud) to display this rating, encouraging customers to repair rather than throw away!

By choosing shoes with this rating, you're not only opting for a future where repairing is no longer the exception, but the norm.

Continue to care for your leather shoes like celebrities with our care products.

  1. Gently clean your shoes with our cleanser, removing dirt and impurities.
  2. Offer them deep hydration with our rich cream, restoring suppleness and shine.
  3. Protect them with our waterproofing!

Our care products nourish deep down, preserve the original shine and protect them from the vagaries of the weather. Avoid decadence, give them the royal treatment they deserve.